Concerns and FAQ's

How Long Will It Take?

Usually, most cases are completed within 1-2 weeks time. Complex reconstruction / restorative cases can take longer, whitening of teeth can be completed in 2 hours. But since each patient and case in unique, it is difficult to give an exact time schedule.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

The price will vary depending upon quality, expertise, and what type of treatment and materials used. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands for complex restoration cases. If you are price shopping for cosmetic dentistry, all dental offices are not alike and you would not want to purchase services just because they were the cheapest you could find.

Is Financing Available?

Financial arrangements are available. Our policy is to inform our patients of costs for treatment prior to any treatment being performed. Our initial fee for a complete examination, x-rays, cleaning, diagnostics, analysis, consultation, etc. is $250. Once this is completed, a treatment plan for your individual case is offered to you. Specific financial arrangements can be made in the following manner:

Full payment is due at the time of service or for large cosmetic cases. An initial deposit is required. Our office accepts credit cards, cash, checks, or an extended payment plan is offered through an outside source, subject to approval. Offering this type of extended financing allows patients to have the treatment they want.

We also offer a complimentary free cosmetic consultation to answer any questions you may have regarding possible treatment. No x-rays or cleaning or diagnostics are done or required for this free complimentary visit.

For Extended Payment Plan Financing

For large treatment cases, we can offer long term financing with these features:
• No down payment
• 90 days, same as cash
• You can select a monthly payment plan to fit your budget
• Fixed rates means your payment will never change
• No prepayment penalty
• No application fees and a 15 minute process time