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I recently had implants and teeth place in one day; I was extremely happy with the result, Dr. Massa and his staff were fantastic and he made sure I understood everything before we started.  I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of implants

Alexa P.

 I was nervous about getting implants; but Dr. Massa made me feel relaxed and the whole process was easy. I am satisfied with the results and would tell anyone considering this procedure to get it done!  It made me a new person.

Frank S.

I walked into the office with no teeth and walked out with new upper and lower teeth that I no longer have to take out.  The staff made me feel comfortable through out the whole time, and the best was that his fees were reasonable compared to other dental offices I went to. Thanks for the new teeth!

 Shirley G.


My teeth were stained and crooked and I went to Dr. Massa for his instant orthodontics; he did veneers on my teeth and I was amazed by the results, in two visits my teeth were transformed from ugly to beautiful. I would refer friends and family to him

Cynthia Dumas





















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