Why Choose Us?

Choosing the Right Dentist
Being a "cosmetic dentist" is a statement that today can apply to every dentist. Look at ads in the yellow pages, you will see most dentists state that they are Family and Cosmetic Dentists. We feel that you cannot be both. You will need a dentist who has had considerable experience in complex restorative and smile improvement cases, a dentist who has had advanced training and education in being able to properly diagnose and complete complex cosmetic cases. Our office focuses on providing our patients with the highest standards of aesthetic and technical expertise.

A patient should consider the following in helping decide on a dentist:

1. Post Graduate Cosmetic Training

Completion of courses in cosmetic dentistry is essential. Robert V. Massa, D.M.D has completed almost a thousand hours of post graduate dental courses. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry as well as a Fellow in the Academy of Dentistry. He is also an associate member of the Amercian Academy of Facial Esthetics and the American Gnathological Society. He has previously held membership in the American Prosthodontic Society. He has also been written about in newspaper and magazine articles and print. To date, Dr. Massa has restored and placed over 14,000 restorations involving crowns, veneers and fixed bridgework. His patients have included celebrities, recording artists, actors and actresses, media personalities, and of course, everyday people who want to improve their smile, their appearance, and look and feel better about themselves. This type of experience speaks for itself when you, as the patient, are evaluating your decision making process in choosing the right dentist for your cosmetic treatment.

2. Patient Approach

Our office approach is to take the time to explain your needs and how we will be able to fulfill your expectations. We will explain to you in detail your individualized treatment. We take into account other criteria than your teeth in helping achieve a complete diagnosis; we consider the gums, your facial structures, and your lips.

3. Doctor Experience

Our practice focuses on appearance and aesthetic dentistry for cosmetic improvement of the teeth and smiles; we treat complex restorative cases. Dr. Massa has been focused on appearance and cosmetics for over 21 years. This experience has enabled him to see a wide variety of cases and treatments and he uses this experience to successfully treat each individual case.

4. Our Smile Design

Our patients can see what their new smiles and appearance will look like BEFORE we begin procedures. This enables our patients to have input into the design of their new smile makeover.